Entrepreneurs, Startups and Idea People

By cbovard, 12 July, 2016

It has been a seriously long time since there has been a Blog post of any kind. By the end of the day, I really do not like looking at a computer, or have time to dream up content for my own site.

Over the last 4 - 5 years I have noticed a major change in the world of the Internet and the Tech Related Industry. There seems to be a very big difference between the people who can and the people who say they can. I have noticed a bit relationship with certain Terms and Buzzwords being thrown around in the mix also.

I have met many many successful Entrepreneurs and Startups that are headed in the right direction.... but.. These words "Entrepreneurs" and "Startups" seem to get thrown around and confused these days. There seems to be the people who are "making it" and the ones who are "talking the talk". I tend to find the "talkers" seem to be the people who are the "Idea People". These types are quick to bloat their Linkedin Profiles. They are all over any Social Media Channels they can get on. Most of the time it is fluff and more bull. The reality of the situation is they really do not do anything and are expert Delegators or Outsource any work they get.

I used to follow a certain successful worldly "Entrepreneur". I would bookmark his quotes and make them apply to what I was doing. After awhile I started to disagree of the posts I would see. I started to realize this "Successful Entrepreneur" had it easy from the start. This person has "Capital" and could make big mistakes without any consequences. I stopped following this dribble because that is what it was, dribble.

There seems to be alot of "The Glass is Always Half Full" these days with most Entrepreneurs, Startups and Idea People. If you call them out you get and earful.

It all comes down to this. A Bad idea is a Bad Idea. If you are not willing to work for it, you will get nothing in the end.

Learn to read between the lines and identify these lies.

Good luck!