The Great Wordpress Versus Drupal Debate...

By cbovard, 6 February, 2013

It has been yet a long time for another blog - rant post. I am not a good writer and really do not like to write at all. Things have been moving steadily along in the land of Drupal.
I have recently migrated to Revelstoke, British Columbia to experience some epic skiing in the epic snow. I still maintain part-time clients in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Jasper (really part-time) even though I am just in Revelstoke to live.
I have been working for the Bear Group based out of Seattle. It has been steady and fun migrating Drupal 6.x sites to Drupal 7.x. We have implemented SASS - Compass into our Drupal Development workflow. I can say without a doubt I am still in awe.

Now moving to a small Town (city) away from major cities brings a whole new world of fun. There is a Web Development - IT community here in Revelstoke, BC. It has been interesting and fun to meet different people. It is great to see where everyone is at with their style or preference of Web Development techniques.

In the last 4 years this is about the third move I have done. I seem to be moving further away from the city (which is a good thing). Now I always seem to encounter the "Wordpress - Drupal" debate all the time. I tend to be justifying why I work with Drupal to Wordpress people. This has happened in Canmore and now it is happening in Revelstoke.
Like seriously we are having this debate? Honestly? Now throw in some Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, Python, and .NET. Again, is this not a tiring issue?

I got send this link today in an email - and I wanted to share this with the local web community members here in Revelstoke.
The response I got was that I was using an "archaic platform". Great.. Thank you.
Then the next response was this "Have you ever looked at developing on WordPress? I would rather use Ruby on Rails than Drupal or even WordPress before Drupal"

Now I am not one to normally Blog or defend this but it is time for some people to be educated on the Drupal vs. Wordpress debate. I am not going to get into Python (Django) because I have not ever used Python so it probably is better then php - mysql.
Here was my response:
Have you considered Developing in Drupal?


  1. Job Postings somewhat by a loose Web community and not "elance" shit -
  2. Wordpress started as a blogging platform where as Drupal was more of a development platform. Daily modules I use are free where as in Wordpress they cost money for the good ones.
  3. I am a custom PSD to Theme (with the Drupal build): (multi language) All PSD to Drupal. I could post more examples but those are for a later Blog - Rant post.
  4. Why spread my skill set among multiple languages when I can just get better at one type of Development. Thus spending 6 months learning a new language - framework. Does not make sense and does not pay the bills.
  5. Drupal has cool API's with a large development community. Form API (which Wordpress does not have. Drupal has 7 versions going on 8 to figure it out), Services, Drupal Views again these are free with a large open source development base across the planet with members smarter then you or I.
At the end of the day whatever works.. I make a living from Drupal and theming for it. I know people that make money from Wordpress.
I was trying to be nice not attack the style or methodology of development you do..

So do not attack mine.
This argument is over between Wordpress and Drupal.

I respect Wordpress, as I respect most forms of Web Development Techniques but I do find the Wordpress community lazy. They would rather download a theme from Theme Forest. Change some of the css. Add a few images and call it custom. I call it garbage. I can also do that too. I can also dump custom php into the Drupal page and hack it together too. But I do not and try not too because that is not fair to the next Drupal Developer.
I have seen more cool Designed Drupal sites then I have ever seen Wordpress (hack) sites. Every time I see a "new" site sent too me that I think it "somewhat cool", I look at the source. Sometimes (if it is a Wordpress site), I see the "Theme by.." link at the bottom. Well great…
Bottom line is this.. At the end of the day whatever it working for you and helping make the Web a Beautiful place.
If you think you are good at this game, there is many more that can code circles around you.

Over and Out!