Open Letter to Adobe

By cbovard, 9 April, 2010

RE: Creative Suite to Work on Different Versions of Linux.

To whom it May Concern at Adobe,
I am a Web Developer located north of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been using Adobe products for over 10 years. Due to recent events with Apple's issues with Flash on the iphone, among the newest drama involving the Iphone 4.0 SDK, why is Adobe not releasing a Creative Suite for the Linux Community?

Lets look at this current issue.
I have to either own a computer running Windows or buy a Mac to use the Adobe Creative Suite. It does not seem the Apple cares about Adobe's future and is creating the rules for Adobe and the world now.
Is this not a Microsoft way from days gone by?
Who is worse now? Microsoft or Apple?
In my mind Apple has learned from Microsoft mistakes on what not to do.
But Apple wants more control?
Is this one mans obsession or Apple's?

Apple is no better. In fact they are worse than Microsoft.

Who will suffer?
We the users will suffer because we have no say anymore.
Does Apple know what is best? No they are only worried about releasing products and making $$.
They do not care about the environment with their throw-away products that have a 2-3 year lifespan. They do not care about their closed systems and products.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is called Linux.

Mac OS is a Unix based OS so how hard is it to port the Adobe Creative Suite to a few of the popular Linux Distributions?

This is a simple solution to a problem that will only get bigger as Apple gets bigger.
Adobe needs to offer a 3rd solution to its customers or we will end up having less and less choices.
It is in Adobe's power to make the right decision.
It is always the simplest answer to the problem.

As landfills get bigger with E-waste and old computers, when will my Iphone 3g be obsolete?

Chris Bovard

PS: I sent this as a Feature Request to Adobe.

PPS: I own an Iphone, an Acer running Windows XP, and I use a IMac running OS X at work.