Simple Tweet Module Updated to GitHub

By cbovard, 24 March, 2010

Over the last last few days I have been updating the Ventureweb Simple Tweet module (for Drupal 6.x). I have a posting on but I am going to start posting about it more here. I also have posted the code on Git Hub.
Below is cut and pasted from the posting about this:
Hello Everyone,
Ok, I added the changes from Peter Yaworski (thanks for the help Peter).
I added a single Tweet Block.
There is also a Multiple Tweet Block using Peter Yaworski's addition.
There is also a page being created that you can change the path and page title for. This page will show your most recent tweets.
At this time there is no plans to show all your tweets or pagination for this page.
Here is the link to the code on Git Hub:
You will see, on the page above, a button called "Download Source". This will let you download the folder with the files needed.
YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE FOLDER NAME TO: simple_tweet or it will not work. Git Hub changes the folder name.
I would apply for a Drupal CVS account and contribute this module but because it falls under this statement "Module 'Foo' is just too complex so I have written a much simpler version." stated on this page: so am not going to bother.
If anyone has a better idea, let me know.
Enjoy and thanks for the support.