Wordpress Contract a few years back.

By cbovard, 15 March, 2024

A few years back, in early 2021, I teamed up with Damian Lamartine, the Art Director from RMV Publications. RMV Publications is based out of Calgary, Canmore, and Banff. I took this content from their site: RMV Publications Ltd. has produced timely, helpful, and interesting publications for Canadian Rocky Mountain travelers since 1979. Our flagship magazines are WHERE Canadian Rockies and WHERE Calgary, but we also produce magazines, maps, dining guides, and websites, as well as provide contract publishing and brochure distribution services.

Damian approached me as they had an E-Commerce Project for Bolder Mens Wear they needed done ASAP. The only pinch point with this project is they needed it done in WordPress. They had a previous Web Developer work on it, but they were not getting "pixel-perfect" HTML and CSS.

I have worked on various WordPress sites in the past and currently have a few I maintain. I am not really a fan of WordPress or the plugin-sphere it has created. The code, to me, does not really meet a standard, and it is easier to just build custom parts. This is not a "Drupal is best" blog post against WordPress or anything like that.

This project was a bit different. The Client has a POS system at their Retail store connected to Ecwid, which is another company eaten up by Lightspeed. I have had some side work with a few clients in the past with Lightspeed. I did assume this would be an easy project.

This project ended up being a true test of CSS / JS skills for sure. The JavaScript snippets provided did not allow for a lot of changes or customization. It could have been worse if everything was in iframes, but I could target the HTML I needed to. The end result was https://www.boldermenswear.com/.

I will try to get the screenshots of the designs if Damian Lamartine remembers!

Over and out!

Damian Lamartine, Calgary, Alberta / Photography /Design / Art - https://damianlamartine.com/
RMV Publications, Calgary, Canmore, and Banff, Alberta - https://rmvpublications.com/